• Cybersecurity

    Customized solutions to protect your information and technological infrastructures

An evolutioning world

We live in a society that evolves a frenetic pace. Technology has been integrated into our culture at an unprecedented speed, life is no longer conceived without it.

The information is available to almost anyone, which has generated an enormous impact on the information control and management systems at all levels: personal, business or government, among others.

Likewise, the emergence of new communication systems, interconnected devices at home and at work, hybrid infrastructures, mobile users, etc., require a paradigm shift in information security.

The governments of all countries already take into consideration cyberterrorism as one of the greatest dangers to be taken into account due to their involvement in critical infrastructures (hydraulic, nuclear, electric power plants …).

Similarly, any kind of company – both public and private sector – is exposed to cyber attacks as the information theft, financial, intellectual property and intel.

On the other hand, the techniques used by cybercriminals and their effectiveness increase progressively. Consequently, it is increasingly difficult to protect against these threats by requiring study, research and constant dedication throughout the whole life cycle of the threat.

Our proposal

Ambar Telecom helps your company to evaluate the level of your IT security by performing audits and simulated attacks using the same techniques that a malicious attacker would use, but without endangering your information and services.

After this evaluation, our security staff will explain to the customer the measures to be taken to eliminate these threats and / or mitigate the impact of an attack up to the acceptable risks by the company.

Due cybersecurity is a continuous reviewing process, Ambar offers security services 24x7x365 for monitoring, manage and fix incidents that occur in your network services or technological infrastructure.

In this way, Ambar Telecom offers continuous protection and customized solutions to prevent these threats and handle new incidents of cybersecurity throughout the whole life cycle of the threat.

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